With one foot in the bathtub
Installation by Marita Bullmann in Essen, Germany. Jun 21, 2011
performance art, Marita Bullmann, PAErsche, Essen, Germany, Super-8, Zoltan Jokay, Ingo Sturm, Essen, Germany, bathtub
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With one foot in the bathtub

Essen, Germany

9 rooms in an abandoned office building
5 Super-8 film projectors
6 video projectors
1 TV monitor

“…For her final exam at the “Folkwang University of the Arts” Marita Bullmann digitalized old family super 8 movies, edited them down to a few sequences, altered their speed, and brought all of this together in an installation using an empty office space.
One of the video-sequences is accompanied by a text written and spoken by herself. Translating her poetic essay would be like re-photographing her images,
I simply can´t be doing that.

The text is about introspection, it´s about memories and longing.
We listen to a voice, describing the frame of mind of a young woman.
A young woman who has left her childhood home quite a while ago and arrived, arrived somewhere that could be described as in between.”
From Zoltan Jokay publication.
Documentation by Ingo Sturm


June 21, 2011


moving image, object