Marita Bullmann performance at raum2, Mühldorf, Germany. Feb 25, 2011
performance art, Marita Bullmann, PAErsche, raum2, Mühldorf, Germany, water, glitter, ballon, pigment, bells, raum2, Mühldorf, Germany
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raum2, Mühldorf, Germany

4 forehead lamps
1 Videotape
1 balloon filled with water
1 balloon filled with glitter
1 balloon filled with green colour ­pigment
1 balloon filled with bells

I switch on four forehead lamps in a dark room. I start to roll over the floor and wall.

While bowling I tear out some videotape which is under my shirt. It all seems likely a dance and fight, like a different way of examine the room.
Through my movements I start loosing the lamps and finally end up at the passage to the light room.
I bond the rest of the tape to the wall and fix only a tiny little rest of the videotape to my ankle.
I queue myself in the line of the four balloons and start to destroy one balloon after the other.

It all ends up with a bang and a light sound of the bells.

Photos by Florian Ecker


February 25, 2011