Interval °Asia
Selected artworks and projects by Marita Bullmann
performance art, photography, installation, Marita Bullmann, Interval, PAErsche, Essen, Germany
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INTERVAL °Asia | ESSEN, GERMANY | 26.10.2018

Interval °Asia was part and hosted the event of Boris Nieslony: Art of encounter 7.

Open Source Performance at Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Germany

See full documentation on PAErsche website.

The Asian guests are: Chakkrit + Pattree Chimnok – Thailand, Jeremy Hiah – Singapore, Tokio Maruyama – Japan, Watan Wuma – Taiwan, Yeh Tzu-Chi – Taiwan, Liping Ting – Taiwan

The PAErsche artists & guests: Rolf Hinterecker, Anja Ibsch, Sara Hasenbrink, Boris Nieslony, Marita Bullmann, Karin Meiner, Jasper Llewellyn, Hori Izhaki, Negar Foroughanfar, Michael Barrett, Alicia Radage


Interval is founded and organised by Marita Bullmann on behalf of PAErsche – action laboratory.

For the 7th time the project „Art of Encounter“ will be organized in best tradition. This year’s working title and project framework focuses on anagrammatic encounters.

For Interval °Asia seven artists from all over Asia were invited to show work and encounter with PAErsche Aktionslabor on 26th October 2018.
Interval °Asia was part of the bigger project “Art of encounter” which is initiated by Boris Nieslony.
See informations here.

Photos by Jörn Vanselow

Supported by Kulturbüro Stadt Essen, Kunsthaus Essen and EPI Zentrum .

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