PAErsche LAB #2017| 9. – 16.7.2017 | Cologne, Germany
Selected artworks and projects by Marita Bullmann
performance art, photography, installation, Marita Bullmann, Interval, PAErsche, Essen, Germany
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PAErsche LAB #2017| 9. – 16.7.2017 | Cologne, Germany

From 09 – 16.07.2017 the Aktionslabor PAErsche will hold the PAErsche Lab17 conference at the Kulturbunker in Cologne-Mülheim.

An Encountering that revolves theoretically and practically around the Open Source Performance. Space for questions to which no answers
follow, reactions for wich there are no questions.
In additions to various performative lectures, performances and interventions in the interiors and exteriors, a workshop with Helge Meyer will be offered. The theoretical lectures fokus on complexes of Open Source Performances, such as intensity, reality. Cooperation, or the wild field of collaborative activity. Artistic reserche goes hand in hand with common cooking and eating, being and becoming.

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