Marita Bullmann performance at Schloss Bröllin, Germany. Jul 24, 2010
performance art, Marita Bullmann, PAErsche, Schloss Bröllin, Germany, belt, wall, milk
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Schloss Bröllin, Germany

1 porous wall
1 belt
1 litter of milk

I step naked into a room and take a sip of milk but without swallowing it.
Afterwards I start to scourge the wall with the belt.
Every time I can’t breath anymore I spit the sip of milk to the floor.
Upon this I take another sip of milk and again scourge the wall.
This process will last till the whole liter of milk has been spitted to the floor.
Through the permanent abuse the wall has lost its rendering and the traces of the hits left new patterns.

Photos by Jürgen Fritz


July 24, 2010