One cloth piece
Performative video installation by Marita Bullmann in Essen, Germany. Oct 15, 2009
performance art, Marita Bullmann, PAErsche, Essen, Germany, projection, choreography, intimacy
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One cloth piece

Essen, Germany

Performative video installation

Two projection screens are closely floating next to each other in a dark room.
I enter simultaneously two projected ‘rooms’ wearing a shirt. My nudity covered with white men shirt in the left ‘room’ and black shirt in the right one. Both coverings interfere my natural mobility.
My movements in both ‘rooms’ vary between enemy and friend, dance and fight, protection and exposure of my own intimacy.
It is a playful interaction with the inner fight which is supported by the synchronous and alternating choreography.
The disparate contention fades away and leaves traces only in a viewer’s sensations.


October 15, 2009


moving image