Mornings are strange objects to me
Marita Bullmann, Mornings are strange objects to me, 2015, photography, black white
Marita Bullmann, Mornings are strange objects to me, 2015, photography, black white
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Mornings are strange objects to me

self-publicated book
Number of copies: 10
Text-inspiration by Rasmus Nordholt

Project statement:

The book “Mornings are strange objects to me” by Marita Bullmann is a combination of black and white photographs which have been chosen from the archive covering the last 2 years (2013-2015) and a text about awareness of moments in life.

With her camera, Marita is always looking for motifs and moments in the phenomena of the everyday life. With the particular arrangements of one by itself or two images or image with text, she examines intersections in which different worlds mingle. Through the vivid combinations and the influence of text towards the images a dialog arouses and the reality of the images become both peculiar and deconstructed.

The precise selection is the basis of the book and the fictional narrative style is the key for the imagination of the reader. As one enters the image-space the motifs blend into carefully coded stories. Marita manages a deep excursion to the landscapes of feeling, thought and trust. She leads us beyond daily life to hidden stories and dreams, and opens an entranceway to the beauty of the every day.


There is nothing surprising, that things happen simultaneously, yet in different tempi, durations and intervals.

Interruptions cannot be stopped from happening, you shouldn´t even try.

The world is silent and we don´t care what´s happening outside.

The manifestation of a truly honest feeling.

As if kissing would be the last secret among humans.

Pure silence in breathtaking times.

Yet there is only this moment – a straight, continuous time.

It feels endless. Forever. As morning had gotten lost on the way home.


July 28, 2015


book, essay