Marita Bullmann | Turn me in favour...
Marita Bullmann performance at 13th Open Performance Art Festival, Beijing, China. Sep 1, 2012
performance art, Marita Bullmann, PAErsche, Beijing, China, peach, Chinese lantern, harmonica, Zhao Lidong
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Turn me in favour…

13th Open Performance Art Festival, Beijing, China

10 peaches
1 Chinese lantern
1 mini harmonica

After placing the lantern in the room I throw 10 peaches against the wall.
While spinning the lantern around the room some humble noises appear from harmonica in my mouth.
Then I put peaches under my shirt from above while balancing the lantern on my head. With dance like hip movements peaches slowly slide downwards and flop out of my shirt.

Photos by Zhao Lidong


September 1, 2012


2012, solo