Marita Bullmann | Slapping me is slapping you
Marita Bullmann performance at BeijingLiveArt 2012, Beijing, China
performance art, Marita Bullmann, PAErsche, BeijingLiveArt, Beijing, China, Nivea cream, ventilator, jellies, Lisa Bauer, slap
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Slapping me is slapping you

BeijingLiveArt 2012, Beijing, China

1 box of Nivea cream
1 elastic rubber band
1 little ventilator
1 bag of jellies

I grease a lot cream on my hands and start slapping back with my hands by twisting my body. Traces of cream appear. With dance-­like movements I let a rubber band slide up to my face. The tension of the rubber band and my teeth cause some sounds.
Afterwards I take lots of jellies in my mouth and turn on the ventilator. With stopping the rotation of the ventilator again and again with my face I spit out one jelly after another. While holding the ventilator over my head I spit out the last jellies.

Photos by Lisa Bauer


August 25, 2012


2012, solo