Marita Bullmann | Sticking with you II
Marita Bullmann performance at Alongside project at Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland. Oct 22, 2012
performance art, Marita Bullmann, PAErsche, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland, ventilator, chewing gum, water, douvet, tuner
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Sticking with you II

Alongside project at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland

1 red cord
1 ventilator
1 role of chewing gum
1 red camping bottle filled with water
1 douvet
1 tuner

I stretch nylon cord through the room. I slide along the cord and deform my face. Through the tension of the cord and my teeth I cause some sounds. I begin to eat a roll of chewing gum with the nylon cord in my mouth. Loud smacking sounds appear. I slowly let the cord with pieces of gum slide out of my mouth. The chewing gum now stretches itself until it reaches the ground.
I place the duvet in the middle of the room and slide under it. While slightly moving under it little sounds of a tuner underline my movements.

Alongside is a development from a workshop with Jürgen Fritz and the Art of Encounter with Black Market International and Bbeyond. Belfast-based performance artists and international guests work alongside each other in a campus-wide performance at Queen’s University.

Featured performances by:
Tina Backhouse, Charlotte Bosanquet, Amy Brooks, Marita Bullmann, Jayne Cherry, Debbie Guinnane, Midori Kadokura, Karolina Kubik, Tonya McMullan, Nastja Ronkko, Karine Talec and Keike Twisselmann.

Photos by Jordan Hutchings


October 22, 2012


2012, solo