PAGE: assembly #1 | 20. – 30.08.2018 | South of France
Marita Bullmann, Page Assembly 1, Sounth France
performance art, photography, installation, Marita Bullmann, Interval, PAErsche, Essen, Germany
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PAGE: assembly #1 | 20. – 30.08.2018 | South of France

Over a 7-10 day period, a group of invited, early-to-mid career artists will exchange their own methodologies, practices and experiences of contemporary Performance
Action practices in order to collectively investigate the question;

‘What would an independent Performance Action
Higher-Education programme look like?’

Drawing from the work of existing alternative MFA programmes such as Open School East (UK), ‘Assembly’ will be an opportunity to imagine, through dialogue and practical exchange, an equivalent programme that caters directly to the specific requirements of younger artists working in contemporary Performance Action practices.

While the exact structure of ‘Assembly’ will be decided by the group of participating artists upon arrival, the 10 day period will be loosely structured around participatory exercises and/or activities, devised and run by each artist. Drawing on their own individual art practice and methodology, each artist is asked to prepare half a day of exercises which they will then lead the rest of the group in. These activities do not necessarily have to be didactic in their delivery and do not have to be based on conventional teacher-student dynamics. Each artist is encouraged to choose their exercises based on their own individual methodology and artistic practice.

This year with:
Alicia Radage, Ro Hardaker, Thomas Reul, Nika Lopéz, Marita Bullmann, Vivian Chinasa Ezugha, Jasper Llewellyn