Asiatopia – Performance Art Conference | 13. – 19.10.2016 | Bangkok, Thailand
Selected artworks and projects by Marita Bullmann
performance art, photography, installation, Marita Bullmann, Interval, PAErsche, Essen, Germany
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Asiatopia – Performance Art Conference | 13. – 19.10.2016 | Bangkok, Thailand

ASIATOPIA Performance Art Conference
Studio 4th Floor Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Co-organize : Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Print making, SU
In Co-Operation with : Live Art and Performance Studies[LAPS]
Theatre Academy University of The Arts Helsinki Finland
ASA-European, Koeln, Germany
SEWA Junction

13 October 2016: Opening event hear – Dr. Apinan Poshyananda see – contemporary shadow puppet collaboration by Vasan Sitthiket (TH), Heri Dono (IN), Jeremy Hiah (SI)

Selection of Issues:
Regional Inheritances & the Historical Context
Roundtable SEA Activist Performance & Performance Art
Taboo, Censorship & Curating: Struggles Over Historical Narratives in SE Asia
Identities and Prejudices: Gender, Women, LGBT, Race, Queering Performance Art
New developments in Performance & Live Art: Socially engaged performance, community interventions, ecology & environmental-based performance
Live actions: Approximately 50 artists from SE Asia and Europe and America will perform their live actions throughout the 5 days of the conference

contact :Facebook/Page/ASIATOPIA