Marita Bullmann | untitled (Ebertplatz)
Marita Bullmann performance at Ebertplatz, Cologne, Germany. Sep 19, 201
performance art, Marita Bullmann, PAErsche, high heels, jelly, Thomas Danielowski, Evamaria Schaller, Ebertplatz, Cologne, Germany
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untitled (Ebertplatz)

Ebertplatz, Cologne, Germany

1 pair of high heels
2 saucers with green jelly

I step into the room wearing only a panty. I put on the high heels.
Staying in this position I start moving the saucers with the jelly. The jelly wobbles.

I raise up with saucers in my hands shaking my body. Now the jelly and my body wobbles and moves.
The heels of my shoes are producing step ­sounds and the jelly is slowly falling down. This process continues until the all of the jelly has fallen on the floor.
I stop, step out of the high heels and leave the room.

Photos by Thomas Danielowski and Evamaria Schaller


September 19, 2011


2011, solo