Marita Bullmann | smu(t)z
Marita Bullmann performance at Opekta, Cologne, Germany. Oct 20, 2011
performance art, Marita Bullmann, PAErsche, Opekta, Cologne, Germany, high heels, apple
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Opekta, Cologne, Germany

1 pair of high heels
1 apple

I step into the room dressed with a shirt and a panty.
Put on the high heels, pick up the apple and raise my body.
I start eating the apple.

While chewing with relish I put the apple into my panty.
This action lasts till the whole apple has gone.
Only a spot of apple ­juice as a witness of my passion remains on the front side of my panty.

Photos by Thomas Reul


October 20, 2011


2011, solo