Marita Bullmann | Bursting star
Marita Bullmann performance at Synoptic Visionaudial Art Meeting Pécs, Hungary. Sep 16, 2010
performance art, Marita Bullmann, PAErsche, Pécs, Hungary, balloon, helium, pigment, glitter, Borbás Mátyás, star
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Bursting star

Synoptic Visionaudial Art Meeting Pécs, Hungary

6 pink helium ­filled balloons
6 grey balloons filled with bright green colour ­pigment
turquoise & silver glitter

I’m kneeling on a street and 6 helium-­filled balloons are tied to my back.
I slowly start to move and straighten my body upwards while my hands can touch the ground.

By the occurring image one might think that these balloons are raising me.
I slowly begin to walk on my fours.
After some steps I stop and free one balloon.
I continue my movements till I stop again to inflate a grey balloon through my legs till it bursts.
Grey balloons leave traces on the ground equally to the ones I leave into the air.
I repeat this rhythm until all balloons are gone and my way becomes untraceable.

Photos by Borbás Mátyás


September 16, 2010